Small Business Website Maintenance

Proper website maintenance is essential for any website. Keep your website up-to-date and user friendly with fresh content for your website visitors.


Maintenance Services

We are your personal IT Team taking care of the heavy lifting with maintaining your website. No matter if the tasks are small are large, we get things done. You focus on your business and we focus on maintaining your website. Keeping it Fresh with updates, and Fast for your users. It's cheaper to maintain a website than it is to repair a broken one.

Web maintenance begins the very first day that your website goes live on the internet. A well maintained and error-free website performs better.

No matter if the tasks are small are large, we have the knowledge to get things done and a plan that will fit your budget. Let's Team up and get your website performing at 100%, like the first day your website went live on the World Wide Web!

Small Business Website Maintenance

small business Website Maintenance Plans


  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Time Never Expires
  • Tracking of Time Usage
  • No Minimum Deductions

4 Hour Block

  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Time Never Expires
  • Tracking of Time Usage
  • No Minimum Deductions

8 Hour Block

  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Time Never Expires
  • Tracking of Time Usage
  • No Minimum Deductions

12 Hour Block

  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Time Never Expires
  • Tracking of Time Usage
  • No Minimum Deductions

24 Hour Block

  • No Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Time Never Expires
  • Tracking of Time Usage
  • No Minimum Deductions

Website Maintenance Benefits

IT Professionals

Collaborated personal website development team to handle the tasks to keep your website functioning and updated with the latest content.

Peace of Mind

Gain peace of mind knowing that your website is being kept up-to-date with modern changes to showcase your business for your users.

SEO Results

Updated websites have a higher ranking in search engines. Adding content or updating new products, shows the website is active and updated.

Website Maintenance Includes

  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates/Configuration
  • Website Backups
  • Alter/Optimize Images
  • Add Testimonials
  • Add/Remove Videos
  • Add Social Media Integration
  • Updating Contact Information
  • Product Changes
  • Text Changes
  • Add/Remove/Change PDF Files
  • Basic Navigational Changes
  • Basic SEO Updates
  • Header/Footer Changes
  • Adding Posts and Blogs


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Website Maintenance FAQs

Can I add multiple websites to my plan?

No. Our plans are based around a single website that will receive the maintenance tasks. You could include multiple websites, but they will need to have a separate website maintenance plan to provide the maintenance needs.

How long does it take to make maintenance changes?

The time that the changes take will depend upon the type of changes that we are making to your website. Usually, changes are made in a timely manner. Once the changes are made, an email is sent out detailing and confirming the changes are complete.

Does unused time expire?

No. Our plans are for providing an unparalleled service to our clients. Any unused time that is remaining in your account will be rolled over into the next month until your balance is zero. So, rest assured that you will not lose any maintenance support time in your account.

How is my time tracked for website maintenance?

Our tracking systems will display the time spent on a single task and deduct any time spent in real time. You can view your client dashboard at any time to submit new task requests, monitor the status of the current change request, or simply just send us a question that your are concerned about with your website.

Is there a contract for website maintenance?

No. We will never lock in our clients with a monthly/annual contract. Our website maintenance support plans are based on hours of service. There is no auto renewal of our services when your time is completed.

Can I get my website speed increased?

Yes. We will perform a technical website audit and discover what is hindering your website performance. We will then deep dive into those areas and fix theose problems, ultimately boosting your website performance speed. 

Do you preform back-ups?

Yes. Our website maintenance begins with performing a back-up of your website before we even begin. After we preform the tasks that was requested, we will then preform an additional back-up of the new changes. This will ensure that all available stages of your website maintenance will be backed up.

Are there any maintenance tasks that you can't do?

Yes. Sometimes we can't perform a website maintenance request. This could be due to the platform or language your website was built in, or restrictions imposed by your current provider. Some times things are just out of our hands, but we will find a way to manage and get things done.



Use the form below to contact us about your small business website maintenance needs. We look forward to learning about your business and sharing how we can maintain your website with fresh updates.


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