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Trust Is Critical To The Success of Any Online Business

Over 80% of consumers want to be assured that their information is safe. Identity theft is still the number one concern about online shopping. Don’t let your customers get hacked. Protect them with an affordable daily anti-malware scan that helps find web site malware infections fast. Websites are updated constantly. And with each update, malware can find a new opportunity for infiltration. The average online shopper may not have the latest security patches installed, or may be using outdated browsers and plug-ins that may not be completely secure. GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan checks your pages daily for malicious code and malware on your website. You receive instant, detailed reports when malware is found so you can clean up fast.

Malware Security Scan

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daily malware scan

Daily Malware Scan

Daily malware scans monitor your site and alert you when malware is found.

search engine blacklists

Avoid Search Engine blacklists

Daily malware scans monitor your site and alert you when malware is found. Don’t let malware take you off Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.


Immediate Infection Alerts

Receive email alerts the moment malware is found with details of the infection.

Which Anti-Malware Scan Is Right For Me?

Features Basic Website Scan $19.00/yr Anti-Malware Website Scan w/ Seal $35.00/yr
Site Coverage -
Scan Frequency: Daily Daily
Number of Page Scanned: 5 50
Detection Engine -
Static Analysis:
Behavioral Analysis:
Malware Reporting -
Malware Details:
End User Portal Access:
On Demand Scan:
Seal -
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